Winter is Coming

It’s getting to that time of year again that many car enthusiasts dread….winter.  Ok, it’s not winter quite yet, but it’s time to start preparing for it. That means before we know it our summer wheel and tire setup will need to go into storage and the winter wheels and dedicate snow tires will be […]

Wheel Offset – What Should I Get?

So you’ve shopped around for new wheels, used the iShopWheels Tool here to see what they’ll look like on your car, you’re ready to pull the trigger on your new wheel, and you go to pick out the size you want and see multiple different options.  18×8.5″ ET -15 18×8.5″ ET+20 18×8.5″ ET+35 You probably know […]

The Single Most Important Mod That Makes A Difference

As an auto enthusiast, I love watching Top Gear.  Especially the UK version with Jeremy Clarkson.  (If you haven’t watch it on BBC America I highly recommend checking it out!)  Clarkson does an excellent job reviewing cars and has a lot hilarious (and non-politically correct quotes.) This is one of my favorites: “Whenever I’m suffering from […]

Welcome to iShopWheels!

Hi everyone and welcome to iShopWheels! Have you ever wanted to see what your car would look like with different wheels? Did you just buy a new car and you’re looking to upgrade your wheels to a different style? Maybe you’ve narrowed it down to two different wheels and you can’t decide which one would […]